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The Little Butterflies recognizes each child as an individual and provides nurturing care and engaging learning experiences that promote language, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development, for children of all age. Our program focuses on developmentally appropriate activities that help children mature into well-rounded members of society.

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Infants Program

First time away from home your infant could get overwhelmed easily. At little butterflies, we take care of every minute detail to keep your little one safe and sound. Our rooms are aesthetically designed to provide a stimulating and soothing environment your little one will love. Our trained caregivers are always by their side as they explore and make exciting discoveries.

Preschool Program

Our curriculum is the result of years of research and a profound interest in creating emotionally and socially well equipped responsible individuals. After countless interactions with students, academicians and parents we have come up with a Pre- school program that facilitates self learning in a stimulating environment. When children learn by themselves through right experiences, they learn better and develop an innate desire for gaining knowledge. We create those experiences and the right environment in our caterpillar classroom.

Pre-school to Pre-k

The Pre-school programme is a preparatory programme that moulds your little one and makes them ready for kindergarten. Our curriculum focuses on helping your child master basic concepts in science, math, arts and engineering. This programme helps them make a smooth transition to the Kindergarten programme while kindling their curiosities through appropriate teaching techniques.

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