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Little Butterflies is not merely an educational institution in many ways. It can be considered an institution by itself. We believe that a child’s early education has a significant impact on the development of their personality and character. This is what we believe to be the situation. The level of care and education a child receives during his or her formative years can have a significant impact not only on the child’s future but also on the future of the world in which the child lives. This could affect the child’s future in a positive or negative way. At Little Butterflies, we believe it is our duty to foster future generations of citizens who are compassionate, capable, and accountable by providing an environment conducive to achieving this objective. To fulfil this obligation, we have fostered an environment conducive to this objective. Our programmes are designed to promote not only your child’s cognitive development, but also his or her emotional development as a whole. As a result, your child will receive a more well-rounded education. In addition to their social and cognitive development, this growth has also occurred. You are directly contributing to their growth as individuals who are well-informed, compassionate, and inquisitive, and who have a strong desire to acquire more knowledge.

The Little Butterflies recognizes each child as an individual and provides nurturing care and engaging learning experiences that promote language, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development, for children 6 months to 6 years of age. Our program focuses on developmentally appropriate activities that help children mature into well-rounded members of society. 


We believe that children are competent, curious, and capable of problem solving. Our curriculum is child centered and teacher directed where both get an opportunity to experience an enriching curriculum. We believe play is integral to children’s learning and essential to quality of life in childhood. We aim to provide warm, personalized care and develop age-appropriate programs for Infant, Toddler and Preschool age children. 

The mission of The Little Butterflies is to be the premier destination for families seeking well-rounded early care and education experiences. Our aim is to provide an exceptional experience every day. By promoting social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development and through our commitment to families and staff, we aim to work towards providing affordable, accessible, and good quality care. 

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